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ARTHUR CARRIER 1894-1973    MARIA LEBLANC 1894-1927

(photos: Denis Carrier Collection)

Arthur CARRIER and Maria LEBLANC

Arthur Carrier had been born the 1st of March, 1894 in Saint-Frédéric in Beauce county, province of Québec. 1   He had been baptized the same day by Father A. Vézina. The godfather had been Thomas Coté and the godmother Albertine Carrier. He lost his mother (Odile Boulet) when he was still very young . After the death of his mother, he was adopted by his half sister and godmother Albertine and her husband Onézime Francoeur.

  On Monday, June 24, 1912, he married in first wedding Maria Leblanc daughter of François Leblanc in Saint-Hubert de Spaulding (Audet).2  The officiating priest was Father H. Fraser and the witnesses or "fathers" were Onézime Francoeur and Georges Leblanc. Arthur and Maria were both 19 years old. The nine descendants of Arthur are from this first marriage.

  Their first son, Albert, was born on July 7, 1913 in Saint Samuel du Lac Drolet. 3  He would marry Yvonne Carrier on July 9, 19334  daughter of Henri Carrier and Clara Gauthier from Zenon Park, Saskatchewan. Later, Albert and Yvonne will move to Saint-Boniface where they will spend most of their life. Albert will be a carpenter.5  He died February 20, 1997 and was bruied the 25 at Notre-Dame de Lorette, Manitoba.

Children of Albert and Yvonne Carrier:

1- Lucien Carrier who would marry Georgette Babineau daughter of George Babineau and Alphonsine Dupéré on may 16th 1956 at Macamic, province of Québec.6

Children of Lucien Carrier and Georgette Babineau:

2- Jacqueline Carrier who would mary Édouard Yves Brunel on March 20, 1971 in Précieux-Sang parish at Saint-Boniface, Manitoba.7

Arthur would live in several different places. So, he went, between 1912 and 1914, from Saint-Hubert (Audet) to Saint-Samuel where Paul was baptized on July 8, 1914. 8 

Paul Carrier married Laurence Goyette on Saturday, September 5, 1936 in Zenon Park Saskatchewan.9 Laurence Goyette, baptized on November 30, 1913 in Zenon Park was the dauther of Edgard Goyette and Hélène Foucher ,from Dunkan, British Colombia. Paul and Laurence will live in Bellsite ( Manitoba).

They will still be living there at the death of Paul the 1st of July, 1982 in Winnipeg. Paul will die from lungs cancer. Tobaco and insecticides will be right of his sturdy healt. He will be interred in Bellsite's cemetery on July 6, 1982 by the priest of Saint Colomban, Swan River, Manitoba.10 

Children: Rita, Robert (foster son) and Irène.

  In 1916, Arthur Carrier and Maria Leblanc have had their first daughter they named Berthe. 11   She will marry Alcide Parent on July 3, 1935 in Saint-Honoré de Shenley.12  Alcide and Berthe, after being farmers in the Prairies, will move to Vancouver (New Westminster) British Colombia. Last known address: 1010, Alderson avenue, Maillardville, B.C.

  Children: Ghislaine (Madame Laurent Pilon), Monique.

  Having returned to Saint-Hubert de Spaulding (Audet) in Frontenac's county, Arthur and Maria have had another son. On September 2, 1917, Gérard was born on Road no. 7. 13   He will marry Julienne Boucher 14  on May 8, 1940 in Sainte-Germaine-Boulé, in Abitibi-Ouest.

Children: Pauline (Madame Robert Rossignol), Jean-Guy, Denis, and François.

  In 1918, Arthur Carrier rented the house of Aimé Grondin what forced the young family to move 6 miles to the West, in Saint-Hubert de Spaulding. It is there, that on March 17, 1920, was born Thérèse. 15  She will marry Euchariste Bilodeau in Saint-Honoré de Shenley on October 26, 1938. Thérèse and Euchariste will live at first in Shenley, and after 1949, at 149, rue Napoléon in Lévis, Québec.

Children: Ghislain, Guy, Jacqueline, Roch, Roger, Bertrand, Rachel, and Lina.

  In 1920, Arthur Carrier rented mister Dostie's house where he will reside with his family. In the summer of 1921, they move again. This time, they are going to Saint-Théophile. Arthur rented the Pepin's house on Road Saint-François. This Road was called "le Rang des Crêpes" (Pancakes Road), because of the custom that the inhabitants had to hang on their frying pans outside of their houses. 16  

  Gisèle Carrier was born on December 8, 1921, in Saint-Théophile. She will marry in first wedding, Gérard Bilodeau, brother of Euchariste, on June 12, 1941, in Saint-Honoré de Shenley.

Children: Gilles, Chantal

  Gisèle will marry in second wedding, Arthur Gaboury, on August 31, 1946, in Shenley. Gisèle and Arthur will live several years in Saint-Etienne de Languedoc (Abitibi), then will return to Saint-Georges de Beauce. (206 , 2nd Avenue, Saint-Georges Est).

  Children: François, Claire, Louise, Hélène, Michelle, Danielle, Pierre, Laura, and Denise.

In the Fall of 1923, Maria gave another son to Arthur. This son was baptized the 1st of November in Saint-Théophile.   17   Henri-Louis will marry, twenty years later, on May 4, 1944, Thérèse Castonguay daughter of Joseph Castonguay and Marie Henley She had been baptized on November 27, 1927, in Zenon Park. So she was 16 years old at her marriage and beautiful with her auburn hair.

  Children: Marthe (Madame Jean-Guy Fortier), Jean-Luc (who will marry Judith Beauregard on May 25, 1974, in Saint-Hyacinthe parish of L'Assomption) and Bertrand.

  Henri-Louis died from the multiple sclerosis after suffuring for twenty years, in Saint-Michel de Bellechasse, the country of his ancestors.He was interred in Saint-Théophile, on June 14, 1972. 18  Thérèse Castonguay, will have other children.

In 1924, one more moving. This time, Arthur Carrier opted for the purchase of the lot and the house of Joseph Leclerc 19   in Saint-Hubert de Spaulding (Audet). This was the return to Saint-Hubert.

House of Arthur Carrier
House of Arthur Carrier

  In 1925, Maria and Arthur have had a baby boy who they nammed Darvini. This son was baptized on April 18, 1925, in Saint-Hubert de Spaulding (Audet).20   After Maria's death, Darvini will be adopted by Ovide Carrier, brother of Arthur, and his wife Marie-Mathilde Lacasse  21 from Stanstead. He will die at this place, on August 24, 1927, at the age of two years and four months, after having eaten some white sand brought from the river and used against the house's basement as outside insulation. 22  

  At the end of 1926, Maria, already affected by tuberculosis, gives birth to her last son. This ninth child received the name of Origène  23   on December 27. Origène will marry Claire Pinette at Saint-Elie d'Orford, Québec, on August 18 1947.24  Claire, born in the United States, near the border of Québec,was the daughter of Oliva Pinette and Rose Fournier. Claire and Origène Carrier will live mainly in Rock Forest near Sherbrooke.

Children: Carol, who will marry Ginette Sanschagrin, on September 6, 1969, in Saint-Denis de Brampton.

  Pierre, who will marry Ginette Thibeault, on June 15, 1973, in Saint Elie d'Orford.

  and O'neil.

  On July 9, 1927, Maria Leblanc, wife of Arthur Carrier, died of tuberculosis at the age of 33 years and 6 months. 25  She was interred in Saint-Hubert-de-Spaulding (Audet), leaving nine young children without their mother.

carrier_arthur_chasseur.jpg - 24268 Bytes carrier_arthur_bucheron.jpg - 29681 Bytes
Arthur Carrier hunter (photo: Denis Carrier) Arthur Carrier lumberjack (photo: Denis Carrier)

On June 17, 1930, Arthur Carrier married in a second wedding, Angéline Fortin. This second marriage was at first quite difficult. The new bride did not accept that the children from the first marriage came to live with them. Arthur choose to build a "shack" of round logs at the middle of his 100 acres lot he had, near the village of Saint-Théophile. It is Thérèse who, in spite of her young age, played the mother's role for the youngest, whereas the oldest among which Gérard, did numerous stays in foster homes. Albert and Paul, well before their majority, left for the Canadian West. Gérard, for his part, choose the Abitibi. That was how the children of Arthur Carrier and Maria Leblanc were scattered by all Canada.

  In the spring of 1935, Arthur "went up" to Abitibi with the intention to get a non cultivated lot on Road 2 (rang 2) 26   in Sainte-Germaine-Boulé.27  The lot he was looking for was later sold to Donat Drouin. Arthur Carrier returned to Saint-Théophile.

  In 1943, he went temporarily to Zenon Park, Saskatchewan but returned soon in Beauce.

  Arthur Carrier became again a widower before leaving us himself in 1973, at the age of 79. He died in Saint-Georges-de-Beauce from a cancer of the respiratory tracts and was interred on July 18 in Saint-Théophile.

  He smoked the pipe and enjoyed amazing his friends by swallowing boiling maple sap. When he lit his pipe, he used to rubb the match under his chair, crossed up his right leg in a quick movement and continued to talk without using his match which burned up between his fingers. It was a particular feature of him.

  To keep himself in good health, he gave himself from time to time what he called a "suerie" (perspiration) . This curative practice consisted in filling up a thin tank with fine hay residus and immersed that with boiling water. You shall then sit down on the whole, by making sure to cover yourself with several woolen blankets. The perspiration was guaranteed.

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