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If your family name is Carrier or Carriere, this monograph will interest you. You will be even more interested if you are descendant of Noel BREM (LEBRUN dit CARRIER) from Boulogne-sur-Mer who married Anne BROCHU in 1697. You probably already know that Carrier is a nickname, but did you know that the real patronym of our ancestor has never been Lebrun but rather BREM or its variations: de BRESME, BREMEN, BRASME etc. If your search relates to this family, you will have to look for Brem, de Bresme or their variations to go up the ascent in France. That will prevent you from following false tracks like I did. Lebrun and Carrier also existed in France but were not related to us, as far as I know. The scope of this monograph is the downward agnatic lineage according to the patronym Brem (or de Bresme)-Carrier and goes from the end of XVIIe century to present-day.

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