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The ancestor who came to Quebec used to sign BREM. For this reason, I have choosen this spelling. However, his father signed "de Bremme", the clerk from the municipality of Boulogne-sur-Mer wrote it "De Bresme"(with a capital D) and the priest from his parish : "Bresme"

Noel BREM  signature
Noel BREM (married to Anne Brochu) by himself in 1696 1

Marie Jacqueline de BREME signature
Marie Jacquelline de BREME married to Jean Le Seure (sister of Noël) by herself in 1700 1a

Jehan de BREMME signature
Jehan de BREMME married to Catherine Caffier (father of Noel) by himself in 1700 2

Signature by the priest
Jean BRESME by the priest of Boulogne-sur-Mer (1671) 3

Jean De BRESME by the clerk
Jean De BRESME by the clerk of the municipality of Boulogne in 1686 4

My researches on the antecedents of this family gave me some tracks which could prove to be useful for those who would like to go further up their filiation.

Map of Pas-de-Calais


There exists, not very far from Boulogne-sur-Mer, between Calais and Saint-Omer, a commune nammed Brêmes. There also exists in Germany, on the Weser river, a large city called Breme (without " S"). In German : Bremen Since people were identified with their place of origin, a search in the archives of these places could interesting.

My search to go up the ascent of the BREM family in Pas-de-Calais was rather disappointing. I nevertheless discovered that this patronym existed in the canton of Liliers (for example in the parish Saint-Venant) but the links remain to be established. If we look on a larger time scale and on a larger territory we find Adam de BREM (the Master of BREME) which in the XI th century, among other things, describes the Germanic Saxons. Since Boulogne-sur-Mer received a significant saxon migration between 550 and 650 6 studying his writings and his genealogy could lead to revelant informations.

I also found other persons of rank who shared the same patronym without been able to connect them to our family.

L.E de la Gorge-Rosny in "Recherches généalogiques sur les comtés de Ponthieu, de Boulogne, de Guines et pays circonvoisins " (volume I, Boulogne-sur-Mer, 1874), mentions Goeffroy de BRESMES in 1177 and Tasse de BREME, mayor of Saint-Omer in 1462. In the " dictionary of the old or notable French families " from C. D'est-Ange (Evreux 1908) for "BRAM", volume VI, pages 351-352, I found :

BRAME. Coat of arms recorded in the General Armorial of 1696 : azur a un chevron d'or accompagne en chef de deux etoiles du meme et en pointe d'un lion d'argent. (blue with a gold chevron accompanied on head by two stars and en pointe by a silver lion).

The BRAME family is one of the most distinguished family from the upper middle classes of Northern France. Among them was Pierre-Francois Brame, lawyer in Ennetiere, who made record of his blazon in the General Armorial of 1696.

Volume VII, pages 13 and 14 give interesting details on BREM or de BREME :
BREM or de BREM. Coat of arms: d'azur à trois annelets d'or, 2 et 1, au chef d'argent chargé de deux étoiles d'azur. - Cimier : Une étoile d'azur issante d'un armet morné, orné de son bourrelet et de ses lambrequins aux couleurs de l'écu. I asked Martin Gagne, an expert in interpretting coat of arms to draw the graphic equivalent of the terms used.

Coat of arms
By Martin Gagne

The de BREM or de BREME family belongs to the house of Lorraine. She originates from Nicolas-Christophe BREME, native of Morhange, who was made noble on October 19, 1725 by letters patent from the duke of Lorraine. Of his marriage with Anne-Madeleine Schoumert, Nicolas-Christophe left a son, Nicolas de BREM, lawyer at the Court of Lorraine and Barrois, who married in Metz on January 24, 1737 Anne-Marie-Therese DILANGE.

The de BREM or de BREME family gave many officers including two Generals, Knights of Saint-Louis, members of the Legion of Honor, etc.

1 Marriage contract between Noel Brem and Anne Brochu, July 8, 1696. Francois Genaple, notary from Quebec.

1a Copy of his signature at the marriage of his daughter Marie Jacqueline with Jean Le Seure in 1700 (Saint-Joseph Parish Record, Boulogne-sur-Mer).

2 Copy of his signature at the marriage of his daughter Marie Jacqueline with Jean Le Seure in 1700 (Saint-Joseph parish, Boulogne-sur-Mer).

3 Jean Bresme by the priest of the St-Joseph de Boulogne parish at the baptism of his daughter Marie Jacqueline.

4Taken from: Gages des officiers du guet de la dite ville (Boulogne-sur-mer), registre des deniers communs pour l'annee finie le dernier jour du mois de septembre 1686, cote no. 27, foloi 41, inventaire des archives municipales anterieures a 1790.

5 Dictionnaire Encyclopedique Grolier, 1966, volume VII, page 4304.

6 Beatrice Nawbelearts, LA TERRE ET LES HOMMES EN PICARDIE JUSQU'A LA FIN DU XVIIe SIECLE, Paris 1968. Pages 158 and 182.

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