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Joseph Lebrun dit Carrier II was baptized on Wednesday January 20, 1773 in Saint-Charles de Bellechasse. The godfather was Joseph Lepage and the godmother Louise Fradet. 1

Joseph Lebrun dit Carrier II married Marie-Anne 2 Fortier on Monday October 3, 1796 in the first church of Saint-Henri de Lévis. 3

St-Henri de Lévis 
St-Henri's Church
St-Henri de Lévis
St-Henri's first Church
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The bride was the under age daughter of François Fortier, ploughman (farmer) from Saint-Henri and of Marie-Anne Gagné. François Fortier attended the marriage as well as Joseph Lebrun dit Carrier I, Jean-baptiste Lebrun brother of the groum and Jean-baptiste Fortier uncle of the bride. The priest was father Leclerc. The groom has reach the age of is majority; he was thus more than 21 years old. 4

In 1831, Joseph Lebrun dit Carrier II was living in Saint-Henri-de-Lévis since his daughter Julie got married there on October 11 with Henri Mercier. The year 1831 was also the year of the general census of Lower-Canada. 5 In Saint-Henri-of-Lévis, there was two farmers, that could have been our ancestor Joseph Lebrun dit Carrier II . One was named Joseph Lebrun and the other Joseph Carrier.

Because the name Lebrun was still preferred at that time (the extracts of marriage prove it) Joseph Labrun was most likely to be our ancestor. He was living on concession Saint-Félix 6 and was listed between Louis Beaudoin and Joseph Lantagne . There were eight persons under that roof; one of less than 5 years old, three between 5 and 14, a married man between 30 and 60 (Joseph II), a nonmarried young man between 14 and 18 (Jean) and two nonmarried women between 14 and 45 years old (Julie and Marie-Anne wife of Joseph II). They were living on a lot of 90 acres (or arpents) of which 50 are cultivated.

In the year preceding the census, they collected 40 minots corn, 60 of oats and 100 of potatos. The livestock included 13 horned animals, 2 horses, 11 sheep and 9 pigs.

Eights of the children of Joseph II and Marie-Anne Fortier are found in the area:

1. Marie-Anne Carrier who married Maurice Nicole son of Jacques and Archange Crépeau in Notre-Dame parish, Quebec City, on June 15, 1840.

2. Julie Carrier who married Henri Mercier on October 11, 1831 in Saint-Henri-of-Lévis.

3. Jean Carrier who married Ursule Beaudoin on February 28, 1832 in Saint-Henri. In 1851, they were living in Saint-Henri and the listed children are: Jean, Délima, Louis, Philomène, Onézime and Eugenie . 7

4. Luce Carrier who married Louis-Olivier Beaudoin on August 27, 1838 in Saint-Henri.

5. Joseph III Carrier born on July 18, 1820 in Saint-Henri 8 who married Martine Gregoire on January 11, 1842 in Sainte-Marie, Beauce County, Quebec.

6. Catherine Carrier twin sister of Joseph III also baptized on July 18, 1820.

7. Marguerite Carrier who married Louis Gobeil on June 19, 1871 in Saint-Évariste.

8. Louis Carrier born in 1808 and buried on July 18, 1820 in Saint-Henri.

So, on July 18, 1820, Joseph Lebrun dit Carrier II and his wife had two baptisms and one burial of their children.

At the fall of 1833, Joseph II who live on concession Saint-Felix in Saint-Henri and who is now 60, receive the concession of a lot for his son Joseph III who is only 13. 9 We see him receiving from George Pozer, the lot no. 12, concession Saint-Luc, in what would become Saint-Bernard de Dorchester. Today, this place is at 246, Rang St-Luc in Saint-Bernard, Quebec. This lot has 3 arpents of frontage on St-Luc Road by 30 deep. It was part of Saint-Etienne Seigneury. The father had certainly helped, at least by his suggestions, the son to clear the land and build his house on what would become the Carriers small domain for four generations (Joseph II, Joseph III, Romuald and Louis).

Joseph Lebrun dit Carrier II died on Sunday April 28, 1844 and was buried in Saint-Henri-de-Lévis on the 30th. 10 He was 72 years old. Are present at the burial: Louis Godin and Jean Roy . The priest was Joseph Lacape. It is specified at the time of this burial that Marie-Anne Fortier was already ded. She had been present neither for the marriage of Pierre in 1803 nor for that of Reine in 1807.

1 Taken from the register of the marriages of Saint-Charles for the year 1773.
2 Variation: Mariane.
3 Variations: Saint-Henri-de-Lévy and Saint-Henri-de-Lauzon. Taken from the register of the marriages for the parish Saint-Henri-de-Lévis for the year 1796.
4 Since January the 1 st 1783, the age of majority had passed from 25 to 22. Status 22-GeorgeIII, chapter 1.
5 Public records of Canada, Census of Lower-Canada-1831 by Pierre Paradis and Pierre Lambert. Microfilm No. C719, pages 168-174. In 1831, Saint-Henri is in the county of Dorchester. Today, Saint-Henri is in the county of Lévis.
6 See the map of St-Henri.
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10 Taken from the register of the burials for the parish Saint-Henri-de-Lévis for the year 1844.

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