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Noël BREM  signature of Noël Brem at his marriage contrat  and   Anne BROCHU

Noël Brem (variations: de Bremme/Bresme), dit Lebrun and dit Carrier in Quebec, was born on novembre 22, 1665 in the lower town ("faubourg") of Saint-Nicolas parish, Boulogne-sur-Mer, Pas-de-Calais, France. He was baptised under the family name of "de bhram" de bhram as written by the priest Delacourt at his baptism the day after his birth, that is, on november 23, 1665 in Saint-Nicolas church. His godfather has been Noël Gorré, shoemaker, from whom he received his first name. His godmother has been Anne du Chossoy.

baptism of Noel Brem dit Lebrun and dit Carrier

Baptism of Noel Brem (dit Lebrun and dit Carrier) married to Anne Brochu

As per Church Record: "Noël fils de Jean de bhram et de catherine Caffié est né le 22 [novembre 1665] et a esté baptisé et nommé par Noel gorrey [Gorré] et Anne du sautsoy ses parren et Mareine tous deux de cette paroisse" Signatures: Noel gorre, Anne du Chochoy and Delacourt [priest] 1

I am unaware of when Noel Brem made the crossing of the Atlantic. 1a Once in New France, he worked as locksmith and cutting tool maker ("serrurier-taillandier") 2 for Intendant Bochart de Champigny. The addition of "dit Carrier" to his name was mentioned for the first time in his marriage contract on July 8, 1696. He himself signed Brem only. This contract, written by François Genaple royal notary, was signed in Quebec City. Noel Brem was supposed to be tool maker for the employees of a quarry in the area of Quebec City. From here came the name Carrier (working in a quarry) given to his descendants. 3

Noel initially met Anne Brochu who was living in Saint-Jean on the Island of Orleans. The suitors were numerous at that time due to the imbalance between the emigration of men and women. Saint-Jean which was among oldest communities of the colony had only 44 young women aged 15 or more on a total population of 618 according to the census of 1695. 4

The frequentations were certainly short, because at that time, long frequentations were not accepted. "It was necessary to declare your intentions to the father and mother at the end of the fourth visit. You must talk about marriage or end all frequentations in order to prevent any scandalmongering about both the parents and daughter". 5

The family of Jean Brochu dit Lafontaine  was living in the south-western part of the Island of Orleans, near Dauphine river. 6 We can see the name of Jean Brochu on the Villeneuve map, drawn in 1689. Mr Brochu was the owner lot number 20 with a frontage of three arpents on the St. Lawrence river. 7

Jean Brochu had been born in 1641. He was the son of Louis Brochu and Renee Gaschet and came from Saint-Jean-Montaigu, bishopric of Lucon in France. He had married Nicole Saulnier on October 28, 1669 in Sainte-Famille on the Island of Orleans. Nicole Saulnier was the daughter of Pierre Saulnier and Jeanne Chevillard.  She had been baptized in 1651 in Saint-Christophe, bishopric of Paris. The person who was to become the father-in-law of the Carrier's ancestor had resided in Sainte-Famille before being granted a piece of land  in 1691, in Saint-Jean. 8

Anne is the third child of a family of four: Jean (Junior) born in 1672, Marie born in 1675 and herself born in 1678. Anne had been baptized on March 28, 1678 in Saint-Jean. 9 It is not very probable that Anne attended school. Thus, she would declare, in her marriage contract, that she could not sign. In 1685, when Anne was 7 years old, a school is opened in Sainte-Famille parish. The Brochu family had lived in this parish but before the opening of this first school of the Island of Orleans. 10  The baptism of Mathurin that took place in Saint-Jean plus the indication of Jean Brochu in Saint-Jean on the map of Villeneuve in 1685 are two evidences of this anteriority.

On July 8, 1696, Noel and Anne had already promised mutual fidelity since we find them, on that Sunday afternoon of summer at the notary François Genaple in Quebec City for the writing of their marriage contract.

Marriage contract
Marriage contract

This document reveals us that the groom had to receive the "approval, permission and assent of his employer Monseigneur de Champigny ". Noel and Anne were accompanied by their parents and their friends. We can note the presence of Jean Brochu habitant (farmer) from Saint-Jean, father of the future bride, Pierre Blin (or Blain) of the same county of Saint-Laurent and that of Jean Auger habitant from the seigniory of La Durantaye and Charles Mossion dit La Mouche (Junior) friends of the Brochus. Also, there are also Pierre and François Moreau.
The engaged couple promised to share their goods: "will be ones and common in goods and chattles, according to the Paris custom 11  for the love and the affection they have one to the other". Mr and Mrs Brochu on their behalf, promise to give the sum of four hundred pounds during the first year of the marriage as avancement d'hoirie . At the same time, Noel Brem promised to give the same amount in douaire to his future wife. This money would be used one year later to purchase their first house, the house of Laurent Tareau.

In the mean time, on September 9, 1696, Noel Brem (dit Lebrun and dit Carrier) rented a house at the cost of 72 pounds, from Timothee Roussel surgeon at Hotel-Dieu hospital in Quebec City. 11a This house was on Du Palais street 11b and located between Henri Delaunay cartwright and Jean Bridault carpenter, near the Hotel-Dieu hospital.

Du Palais Street
Du Palais Street

The house included a room at street level ("de plein-pied") with a chimney, an additional room upstairs and an adjacent court. This is where Noel Brem first lived alone and later on with his young wife from the marriage on February 4th through the next summer when they moved to Saint-Vallier.

Seven long months after their marriage contract Noel Brem dit Lebrun and dit Carrier and Anne Brochu linked their destiny, in full winter, on Monday 12 February 4, 1697. 13  The ceremony took place in the church made of half-timbering, mesuring 45 feet by 20 dedicated to Saint-Jean. 14  The marriage was probably celebrated by Father Damion 15  The bride is 18 years old and groom 31.

mariage of Noel Brem and Anne Brochu February 4 1697, Saint-Jean, I.O.

Mariage of Noël Brem (dit Lebrun and dit Carrier) and Anne Brochu 15a

After their marriage, as we saw previously, the couple did not move immediately to Saint-Michel (in the part which will later become Saint-Vallier). The house rented from Timothée Roussel is theirs up to september. So they will live there until, at least, July. We also have other indications pointing in that direction. First because their marriage contract and especially the contract of the purchase of the house of Laurent Tareau 16  took place in Quebec City, whereas the following contracts are for the most signed in the presence of notary Abel Michon in Saint-Thomas de Montmagny. 17 

There was strong incentives tending to push Noel (Senior) to come to settle in Saint-Michel (the east end of Saint-Michel will become Saint-Vallier). The sum of four hundred pounds provided by his father-in-law was obviously used to pay for the house of Laurent Taureau as well as the need for the seigneur to develop his lands 18 defenitly forced Noel (Senior) to leave his job from Champigny  and  start his own business.

However in the contract of the purchase of the dwelling itself that  we find  a convincing indication that Noel Brem (dit Lebrun and dit Carrier, Senior) continued to work as taillandier (cutting tool maker) in Quebec City between the time of his marriage and the purchase of the house of Laurent Tareau. In this transaction, the salesman specifies that: " the purchaser will give as epingle 19 of the said sale, a good axe [ made by himself ] .........". The indentification of Noel Brem as being still "a taillandier in the said town  [of Quebec City] " at the date of the contract attests clearly that our ancestor continued to work  his trade in Quebec City after his marriage.

In July 1697, Anne was already four month pregnant  when the couple decided to buy the dwelling of Laurent Tareau. Also the parents of Anne  would reside in Saint-Michel  (Saint-Vallier part). We can find them in 1709 on  the Catalogne map, the seventh neighbor from their son-in-law going towards the village of Saint-Michel.

Catalogne map
Catalogne map

The contract signed with Laurent Tareau gives us other interesting details. The lot was of an appreciable surface: it had three arpents 20 of frontage on the St. Lawrence river and was forty arpents deep, of which "fifteen to sixteen were in culture and the remainder out of standing trees".

The dwelling was "a stone-built house with a roof made of boards and straw". The neighbor to the east was  Noel Leroy and the one to the west was Jean Tanguay. Laurent Tareau had received the lot from  de la Durantaye the previous year.  21 The seigneurial dues was three pounds and three chapons 22 and the cens (feudal rent) were three sols. The dwelling and the lot were acquired for the sum of four hundred pounds paid in two payments : five to six weeks before the contract, Noel Brem (Lebrun says Carrier, Senior) had given two hundred pounds to Laurent Tareau and on this 13 of July 1697, our ancestor paid an additional the two hundred pounds "in monnaie de cartes having legal value in this country ". 23

The salesman, kept the grains, vegetables and what he had sowed and cultivated, 24  a squared piece of yellow birch 25  as well as a pile of stove wood to be used to pay the cens to the seigneur. He also retained  the right to tresh and garner his grain and asked for the axe already mentioned. In addition to Noel Brem (dit Lebrun and dit Carrier, Senior) and Laurent Tareau, present to the signing of this contract was : Sr Michel Pailleur royal bailiff in Quebec City and François Moreau (Junior) who was living on  Nicolas street in Quebec City.

The couple abandoned the security of Quebec City to which Anne was also used to on the Island of Orleans, and moved  in an area  newly opened to colonization. "At that time, any new settler has also to be ready for the call to arms and able to defend himself  against the savages". 26
Once moved into their new residence, the Carriers of the first generation, like any new owners  had to make  some repairs. To be convinced of it, let's remember the emphasis made by the salesman, namely that the dwelling was "in the state that the whole behaves whose purchaser is held content to  be informed without making fuller mention of it". They did a good job since in October 1697,  Sr de la Durantaye added a footnote to the contract expressing his satisfaction following that sale.

Close to Christmas, ten months and half after their marriage Anne and Noel (Senior) had a baby girl : Marie-Anne who was baptized on Friday December 13, 1697 in Saint-Michel.

On March 29, 1699, Noël Brem (Lebrun dit Carrier, Senior) was called by merchant Gabriel Duprat to testify in front of the Prév ôté de Québec . 26a He declared not owing anything to Duprat but that his father-in-law, Jean Brochu owed 200 pounds.

Friday February 20, 1700, it is  Marguerite who is baptized in Saint-Michel and Tuesday May 2, 1702, it was the turn of Angelique-Helene also to be baptized in the dairy farm of Jacques Corriveau transformed  into a chapel and presbytery. 27

A little more than two years came to pass before the first boy  was born. Howeve, he was not alone. He was indeed accompanied by a twin sister. They called the boy Noel (Junior) since it was the custom to give the elder boy the same first name as his father and the twin sister 28 was named Therese. The duet was baptized Tuesday September 16, 1704 in Saint-Michel. In 1705, they had another girl whom they named Elisabeth.

In 1709 a second boy was borned  who was named Louis on Sunday May 19 in Saint-Michel. It was also in 1709 that we can pintoint exactly the place of residence of Noel Brem (dit Lebrun and dit Carrier, senior). This was the year Sr Gedeon de Catalogne assisted by Jean-baptiste Decouane drew the map of the seigniories from Quebec City area. 29 We can see on it the property of our ancestor  facing  the St. Lawrence river and with a small river going through it. Other countrymen  would call (in 1721) this river "Noel Lebrun dit Carrier's river" 30 Today, the same river is called Riviere des Meres after the religious congregation "Les Meres Hospitallieres". On this map, we can also notice, in the vicinity of Noel Brem (dit Carrier, Senior), the presence of Jean Brochu 31 and several other names which will mix with our family.

In the spring of 1710 Noel Brem who was now 41, exchanged the lot  he had received in heritage from his father-in-law for another lot close to him, with Guillaume Leroy. The exchange was done in two steps. Initially, on Monday April 28, 1710, there was a promise of exchange made between Noel Brem and Guillaume Roy. 32  This first part of the exchange was written in a clear style by Mr  Plante priest in Saint-Michel 33 whereas Pierre and Jacques Corriveau were witnesses.

For the second part, all persons concerned by by this exchange gathered in the house of Guillaume Leroy who now  lived the seigniory of Beaumont. On Tuesday May 6, 1710 in the afternoon, those present were : the notary de la Riviere, Guillaume Leroy, Noel Leroy, Angelique Basin his wife, Noel Brem (dit Lebrun and dit Carrier, senior), taillandier  living in the seigniory of  La Durantaye, Anne Brochu his wife, Bernard Gontier  Sr  de Beaumont seigneur of the place and  Nicole Saulnier widow of Jean Brochu and mother-in-law of Noel Brem. The identification of our ancestor as noted  by de la Riviere enables us to learn three interesting details. Firstly, that once more, he indicated his preference for Brem rather than Carrier for his surname. Secondly, that he was still working as taillandier. So, he was not a "habitant ". Thirdly, that he no longer practice the trade of serrurier (locksmith) as when he was employed by Intendant  Bochart de Champigny

In this contract written in a nebulous style, Guillaume Leroy gave to Noel Brem a lot located in the seigniory of La Durantaye, having one arpent of frontage by 40 of depth, limited at the short end ( North-West) by the St. Lawrence river, to the North-East by the lot of Jean-baptiste ("Baptiste") Leroy and to the south-east by a lot  not yet conceded. 34 Noel Brem declared to have a good knowledge of the lot since Guillaume Leroy was his neighbor. Guillaume Leroy had inherited this lot from Pierre Bassin  and Marquerite Leblond father and mother of his wife.

Noel Brem offered in exchange a lot of one half-arpent facing  the St. Lawrence river by one mile of depth or approximately, located on the Island of Saint-Laurent (Island of Orleans). De la Riviere delimits this way the lot that Noel inherited from his father-in-law : south-eastern limit : the St. Lawrence river, north-eastern limit : the lot of Jean Laviolette, south-western limit : middle of the Island (of Orleans). Laplante had defined as follows the same lot : "a part of lot 35  mesuring one half-arpent to be taken adjacent to the line of  Laviolette, neighbor to the said lot".  He declared both lots to be free of mortgages or other restrictons. The lot Noel is exchanging today, was received by heritage from the late Jean Brochu 36 .

The act of exchange that was written in Beaumont ended by the official transfer of the documents and property  : "The said  parties respectfully transported one to the other all and such rights of ownership."

There will be two more births in the Brem-Carrier family. Thursday August 4, 1712, Joseph was baptized in Berthier 37 There was no surprise to see this baptism 38 taking place in Berthier since the residents of Saint-Michel often go to Berthier or Beaumont for their religious activitie. But this is often a matter of argument about the tithe. 39

The youngest of the family, Etienne was baptised on sunday, October 7, 1714 at Saint-Vallier. The father was then 45 and the mother 36. Marie, the oldest was to be 17 in two months and the oldest boy, Noel, was just 10. This baptism as well as the marriages of the girls would all take place in Saint-Vallier whereas the preceding baptisms (except that of Joseph) had taken place in Saint-Michel. This did not mean that the Brem-Carriers moved. The reason is that the part of the seigniory of La Durantaye located east of Boyer river (La Durantaye river) was transferred from Sr Olivier Morel de la Durantaye to his son Louis-Joseph and Saint-Vallier became a disctint parish from Saint-Michel. Thus, on October 29, 1714, Mgr de Saint-Vallier named this new parish Saint-Phillipe and Saint-Jacques. 40  This double name was later changed  to Saint-Vallier.
Then came the marriages of  the first de Bremme ("dit Lebrun or dit Carrier" born in Quebec. It was initially the elder, Marie-Anne who, on Monday February 3, 1716 left her parents to link her destiny to major 41 Michel Gautron dit Larochelle. The marriage took place in the church of Saint-Vallier. The bride was 18 years old and the groom, who was from Saint-Michel, was 26. This was his second marriage. Two years before, in 1714, he had married Marie-Anne (no risk to be mistaken with the first name!) Alaire. 42  We can find the birth of the children of Marie-Anne Lebrun dit Carrier and Michel Gautron in Saint-Michel  betwen 1717 and 1739. Major Gautron probably exerted a military command covering both Saint-Michel and Saint-Vallier.

On Saturdays morning April 29, 1719 Noel Brem (dit Lebrun and dit Carrier, senior), received a concession from Louis-Joseph Morel 43 Sr Morel conceded to our ancestor, with a contract written by Abel Michon and signed in Saint-Thomas-de-la Pointe-a-la-Caille (Montmagny) a lot that he received from his father Olivier Morel de la Durantaye. Louis Beaudoin tax prosecutor and neighbor was the witness. The lot, located on the first concession road, would be added to the possessions of our ancestor.  It mesured three arpents from the St.Laurence river to the "small rivier" 44
 and, from this river, three arpents minus one perche to the end of the concession. Its north boundary was the river and the south one, the lots of the second concession. It was limited to the west by the lot of Louis Boutin. 45 Noel Brem who still works as taillandier, will have to reside on this lot or at least "desert"(clear up) 46  what his neighbors would consider necessary. He would have, over the width of this lot to make and maintain the royal road. He would also have to bring his grain exclusively to the mill of Sr Morel.

On this lot, our ancestor received the right to hunt partridge but at each year, the first salmon and the eleventh catch of all other species would go to his seigneur. He would have to deliver them to the seigneurial manor . Moreover, each year, he would have to pay twenty sols and bring to him a chapon en plume" (poultry) 47  alive for each three arpents of frontage on his concession, plus thrree sols of cens, the whole delivered at the St.Michael mass.   Noel Brem would also have to give preference to Sr Morel whenever he had any wood to sell.

Sr Louis Morel on his side reserved for himself the right to cut on the conceded lot all the timber he could  need for his manor, the church and his flour mill  and all the oak necessary to the construction of the vessels of His Majesty Louis XIV. 48

This concession, added to the exchange with Guillaume Roy made Noel Brem the owner of three adjacent lots (or almost) in the first concession of Saint-Vallier.

Three years after this contract,  Helene-Angelique Lebrun dit Carrier  daughter of Noel and Anne married Joseph Gautron brother of Michel, in Saint-Vallier. The day was Monday November 24, 1721. The bride was 19 years old and groom 27.

We also know that in 1721, Noel Brem still lived at the same place that in 1709. When Mathieu Benoist Collet ecuyer(squire), Sr de La Frontiere made his investigation about "the convenience and inconvenience in each parish of New France", 49  parishioners from Notre-Dame de l'Assomption ask for a residing priest  "due to the difficulties of going to La Duranthye since we have two rivers to cross that is to say  the   Guillaume Lemieux river (Bellechasse river)  of and that of  Noel Lebrun dit Carrier 50  on which it is impossible to make bridges and that we can ford only at low tide. Moreover, these rivers cannot be crossed over on ice.

In 1727, August 24th, at the age of 27 years, Marguerite finally got married to Etienne Veau dit Sylvain. 51  The ceremony took place in Saint-Vallier. We find them again in 1745, on Tuesday March 23, when they sold a piece of land to their double relatives ( the two sisters having married the two brothers) major Michel Gautron and his wife Marie-Anne Lebrun dit Carrier 52  On August 15, 1733, Marguerite give birth to Isabelle who in 1763 will be a key witness in the famous Corriveau case. 53

At the age of  24 years, Elisabeth Lebrun dit Carrier married in Saint-Vallier, Joseph Mercier. The marriage took place on Monday January 31, 1729 in the church that was built in 1722 at the end of the cemetery. On the day before their marriage, Sunday January 30, 1729, they had signed their marriage contract at the office of notary Abel Michon. 54  In this contract, we see that Joseph Mercier was the son of the late Pascal Mercier and of Madeleine Boucher. The witnesses for the bride were her father and mother,  Noel Brem (dit Lebrun and dit Carrier, senior), Anne Brochu,  Michel Gautron and Anne Lebrun dit Carrier, his wife. The witnesses for the groom, were  Jean Tanguay and Marie Boucher

On January 15, 1730, 55  it was now Marie-Therese Lebrun dit Carrier twin sister of Noel (Junior) who left her parents to marry at 25, Pierre Dodier son of Ange Dodier and Marguerite Pare. They would have five children of which Louis, the third, would marry on Monday July 20, 1761, at the age of approximately 26 years, Marie-Joseph/Jsephte  Corriveau who, two years later, in the night of Wednesday 26 to Thursday January 27, 1763, would brutally assassinate him in his sleep using a hatchet. 56 In this case, the son of Marie-Therese Lebrun dit Carrier, Louis Dodier would be the victim and the daughter of Marguerite Lebrun dit Carrier, Isabelle Veau dit Sylvain would be one of the main witnesses.

On June 27, 1742, Etienne Lebrun dit Carrier the yonger son of Noel Brem (Lebrun dit Carrier, senior) married in his second wedding, at Saint-Joachim, Marguerite Bolduc daughter of Rene Bolduc and Marguerite Malboeuf. From this union  eight children would born. In 1737, Joseph Lebrun dit Carrier son of Noel Brem, at the age of 25 years, married Genevieve Dallaire. This marriage took place in Saint-Vallier.

Noël Brem is now 77 so he takes the decision on March 5, 1743 to "give himself" (to make his donation) to his older son Noël in exchange for taking care of himself and his spouse nee Anne Brochu until their death. Notary Louis Pichet describe the content of this donation: half his property located in Saint-Vallier parish, on the shore of the Saint-Laurent river having three and three quarters arpents of frontage including half of the buildings plus one plough, two oaxes, two horses and half of their furnitures at the date of their death.  56a The piece of land concerned is the one the donator has received in 1710 from an exchange with Guillaume Leroy. On their behalf, Noel (senior) and Anne Brochu ask for an annual contribution of 50 minots of wheat, two pigs and to feed for them two cows and two ewes during winter as well as summer, their flesh and cubs also being theirs. Also 29 cords of fire wood

The son shall also bring his father and mother to the church every sundays and holydays, transform their grains into floor, and the day they will be unable, to knead their bread, wash and repair their clothes without forgetting to supply them with 20 pots of alcoolic drink ("eau-de-vie"). Of course, he shall also look after their funerals and have them celebrated 80 masses for the rest of their soul.


Donation from Noël Brem dit Lebrun and dit Carrier and Anne Brochu to their son Noël, march 5, 1743 by Louis Pichet, notary.

Pardevant Louis pichet No[tai]re Royal en la nouvelle france Soussigné residant au comté S[ain]t Laurent p[aroi]sse S[ain]t pierre, et temoins cy Bas nommés, furent p[rése]nts en personnes S[ieu]rNoël leBrun d[it]Carriere habit[an]t en la Seig[neu]rie de la Durantaye p[aroi]sse S[ain]t vallier, Et anne Brochu Son Epouse, ..... Se voyans fort avancées en âge, et hors d'Etat de f[ai]re valoir le peu de Bien, qu'il a plut à dieu leur donner voulant de plus Se degager de l'Embaras des aSfaires Etc ...

On Sunday, December 28, 1749, Anne Brochu the mother of all Lebrun dit Carrier leaves us. She was 71 years old. As for her husband born in France, Noel Brem (Lebrun dit Carrier, senior) the transplantation would not have shortened his days, since at  his death, he was said to be 112 years old. 57  This age was exaggerated, but, he nevertheless was 91 (since he was born in 1665). His burial took place on Thursday January 15, 1756 in Berthier, Quebec 58.


Burial of Noël Brem (dit Lebrun and dit Carrier) January 15, 1756 at Berthier, Quebec.

"L'an mil sept-cent cinquante six le quinze de janvier a été inhumée dans le cimetière de cette paroisse, par nous ptre soussigné missionnaire de berthier, avec les sérémonies ordinaire, noël lebrun dit Carier, français agée danviron cent douze ans apres sestre confessée et avoir recue lest viatique et lextreime unction, plusieurs ont assistée a son innumation dont les uns ont signé les autres ont déclaré ne le scavoir de ce enquis"

In english: In the year 1756, on January 15th, has been buried in this parish, by us undersigned, missionnary from Berthier, having received ordinaries ceremonies, Noel Lebrun dit Carrier, frenchman, aged of approxymativly 112 after having confessed his sins and having received the last sacrament. Many persons assisted to his burial. Some have signed and others have declared being unable to sign.

? Menairnaud Gabriel Blouin
O Blondeau ptre Augustin Blais

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24 Tareau thus lived on this farm until July 1697. 
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31 His name does not appear any more on the Island of Orleans though there is a M. Brochu. 
32  Or Leroy. 
33 Rev. Father Marie-Antoine, ST-MICHEL DE LA  DURANTAYE, NOTES ET SOUVENIRS,  Quebec, 1929,   page 51. In 1710, Saint-Vallier does not exist yet and the residents of this part of the south shore of the St. Lawrence are ministered by Charles Plante of  Saint-Michel de la  Durantaye, from November 1704 to November 1711. 
34 On the map  of Catalogne drawn in 1709, there is C Leroy interposed between Noel Brem (Carrier) and Guillaume Leroy who then lived  at that place. However, in the promise to sell written by Plante, just like  notary de la Riviere,  indicated that the property of Guillaume Leroy was immediately  east to that of Noel Brem. ("joining the line of the said Lebrun") 
35 The property of Jean Brochu dit  Lafontaine is on lot  number 20. It has 3 arpents (in culture) in 1666 then 16 in 1689. Lot No. 38 west half, and 39 and 40. Census of 1666, page 82. RAPORT DE L' ARCHIVISTE DE LA  PROVINCE DE  QUEBEC POUR  1951-52 ET 1952-53. 
36 Jean Brochu, father-in-law of Noel Brem was deceased in 1705. He had had his burial in Saint-Jean, I.O. on February 28. 
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43 Written by notary Abel Michon, Montmagny, April 29, 1719. Kept in Archives Nationales du Quebec, in Quebec City. 
44 Riviere des Meres also called "Noel Lebrun dit Carrier's river". See the investigation of Mathieu Benoist Collet Sr de La Frontiere. 
45 See on the Catalogne map the lot not conceded (in 1709) between that of L Boutin and Carrier-Carriere. 
46 To clear. 
47 Chicken. 
48 This contract was probably written in the absence of Noel Brem since he did not sign as he did previously. This could explain the great amount of duties imposed to  the purchaser and the not less great number of privileges exerted by the seigneur
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50 Des Meres river. 
51 Or Silvain. 
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55 If Tanguay is exact, January 15, 1730 is a Sunday. 
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58 Taken fron the register of the parish of Saint-Vallier.

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